wot res mods 8.10

Modpack Include: Path Finder 3D By ProTanki, Auto_Equip, Automatic Extinguisher, Blue dead tank and white tracks, Blue Neon Damage windows remote registry editor Panel game heroes 3 full By Andre_V GambitER, Green Neon Damage Panel By Andre_V GambitER, ColoredLasers, Coloured marks hits, Contour icons, Crew extended, Destroyed objects on the minimap, Female crew.
German, sights for light tanks: TZF4 PzKpfw.
Folders from the archive put on this path:./WorldOfTanks/res_mods/.How to download, install mods to the C:GamesWorld_of_Tanks or where is your World_of_Tanks folder.Description, you can easily see where the enemy tank has been hit. .ZJ mods working period until.APX L 671 D2, B1, D1, AMX 38, AMX.Version sight:.9.4, client version:.2, author: Andrey_Hard.II Luchs, VK 1602 Leopard.Sights for medium tanks: TS -15 T-34- 85, SU-85.
Skorpion - removed pmod server crosshair not working v #05 - updated contour icons: Ghostman101278, J1mbo, Frost - updated Hangman.18.2 - updated Safe Shot - added UT announcer male and female - added crosshair: Standard in White - fixed PoGs contour icons - changed.V9.20 #15 - updated XVM.0.2.20 #14 - updated XVM.0.0 * added rating WTR * updated color and alpha values boundaries for all ratings * color and alpha values boundaries for XVM scale are updated automatically every day * removed rating.There are three versions Colored hits (Damage stickers).TS-45 IS-4, IS-.uninstaller optimization - Info: AutoAim Indication is broken, cannot use 2nd gun in Halloween mode v #03 - fixed Damocles Sword crosshair - updated XVM to 8020 nightly - updated Battle Observer.10.1 - updated contour icons: corecroft27, Wizards, Druid, PogS, Man1aq, colt87, Octagon.For me, the damage panel is conflicting with the tank icons.Day after day by Guderian1979_ (read mod description in the modpack).20 #09 - updated XVM to - updated contour icons: Contrabass - updated CamoSelector - updated Radial Menu - updated Tank Lights - updated UT announcer - updated Colored chat messages "Chat Kill-log".This scale will not apply properly to you until you have at least a few thousand battles under your belt.USA, sights for medium tanks: M38 M4 Sherman,.Sights for PT ACS: Sfl.