windows media player 12s

Though Windows Media Player 12 looks similar to WMP 11, its however a very compelling version of its predecessor.
But it's now playing feature works fine.
Here are some screenshots of Windows Media Player.In Windows 7, Windows Media Player 12 organizes your music, pictures, videos, and recorded TV into libraries.Search for a dword value named.Only 0-7 are valid data for this dword value.Run Registry Editor and navigate to:.Microsoft made a smart move by finally acknowledging the success of Tunes and other non-Microsoft video formats and decided to make Windows Media Player works with them as well.Organizing and finding your way through these libraries may take a little getting used to, but it isnt difficult.The registry tweak is so simple and can change 7 different backgrounds.Click Organise, and then click manage libraries to include folders in your library".When I try to do this, I fail.The user experience should be be pretty much the same to the previous version of Windows Media Player 11 though the layout has some changes like the buttons have been moved around, removal of the Now Playing button and separated library management with 2 distinct.Please help me to get rid of this problem.
This attitude started a new refreshing change to Windows Media Player and as a result it is greatly improved.Applies To: Windows Media Player 12 (Windows 7).Change it to 0 to 7 and see the effect.Windows Media Player 12 which comes with brighter and lighter user interface, will be part of the Windows 7 operating system and include some new features.This proves to be good for longevity of Microsoft and will definitely entice consumers with new great experience.The music library of windows media player(it was pre insstalled in my laptop) shows that"There are no items in your music library.I was playing with its registry hive and found a registry tweak that can help to change the background of Windows Media Player 12s library view.Computers, operating Systems, windows 7, how to Use Windows Media Player 12s Libraries.