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(17)1011 m 4 cable length (imperial) 608 ft 185.3184 m cable length (International) 110 nmi 185.2 m cable length (US) 720 ft 219.456 m chain ( Gunter's ; Surveyor's) ch 66 ft (US) 4 rods.11684 m cubit (H) Distance from fingers to elbow 18.5.
M/s inch per hour iph 1 in/h.05106 m/s inch per minute ipm 1 in/min.23104 m/s inch per second ips 1 in/s.54102 m/s kilometre per hour km/h 1 km/h.7101 m/s knot kn 1 nmi /h.852 km/h.514 m/s knot (Admiralty) kn 1 NM (Adm.853184 km/h citation needed.514773 m/s.
Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac.M2 square inch sq in 1 in.4516104 m2 square kilometre km2 1 km 1 km 106 m2 square link (Gunter's International) sq lnk 1 lnk 1 lnk.66 ft.66 ft.C coulomb C The amount of electricity carried in one jane by design season 1 full episodes second of time by one ampere of current.J therm (US) BTU59.4804106 J thermie.1868106 J ton of coal equivalent TCE.288109 J tonne of oil equivalent toe.868109 J ton of TNT tTNT.184109 J Power or heat flow rate edit Power Name of unit Symbol Definition anchal digest november 2013 pdf Relation to SI units atmosphere -cubic centimetre per minute atm ccm citation needed.J gallon -atmosphere (imperial) imp gal atm 1 atm 1 gal (imp).63256925 J gallon-atmosphere (US) US gal atm 1 atm 1 gal (US).The general relationship between absorbed dose and equivalent dose can be represented as H Q D where H is the equivalent dose, D is the absorbed dose, and Q is a dimensionless quality factor.41 Approximately.981 cd.M3 tablespoon (metric).0106 m3 tablespoon (US customary) tbsp 12 US.
Pa 34 poundal per square foot pdl/sq ft 1 pdl/sq.488164 Pa 34 short ton per square foot 1 short ton 0 / 1.Lx lumen per square inch lm/in2 lm/in.0031 lx lux (SI unit) lx lm/m2 1 lx 1 lm/m2 phot (CGS unit) ph lm/cm2 104 lx Radiation source activity edit Radioactivity Name of unit Symbol Definition Relation to SI units becquerel (SI unit) Bq Number of disintegrations per second.Kg/m3 pound (avoirdupois) per cubic foot lb/ft3 lb/ft.01846337 kg/m3 emulatore xbox 360 pc ita pound (avoirdupois) per cubic inch lb/in3 lb/in.Pa 34 foot of water (39.2 F) ftH2O 999.972 kg/m3 1 ft.98898103 Pa 34 inch of mercury (conventional) inHg.1 kg/m3.The Unified Code for Units of Measure Units, Symbols, and Conversions XML Dictionary Units, Symbols, Exchange, Equations, Human Readable Units of Measurement Software at dmoz Units of Measurement Online Conversion at dmoz.Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.Gaithersburg, MD: National Institute of Standards and Technology.Temperature Name of unit Symbol Definition Relation to SI units degree Celsius C C K 273.15 K C 273.15 degree Delisle De K 373.15 De 23 degree Fahrenheit F F C K (F 459.67) 59 degree Newton N.15 degree Rankine R;.M3 tablespoon (US food nutrition labeling) tbsp 15 mL.5105 m3 teaspoon (Canadian) tsp 16 fl oz (imp).