the heirs episode 13 part 1

ES brings her books to the table, and Tan asks what she is doing.
The fact that BN got mad means shes been ashamed all this time.
Instead of eating his own, Tan takes a bite out of hers.Aww, I dont my cute puppy couple to fight!Won to Yoon: Decide.This leaves Rachel alone by herself on the other side, and I hope the writer deals with Rachel a little more softly.YD sits uncomfortably in silence while ES cleans up around the café.And she apologize it took her so long.He just lays down at first to sleep, but then suddenly sits up to yell, My answers were off by one line!He expected this, but it still hurts nonetheless.
Comment: It was no surprise that Esther didnt think of trying to comfort or protect her daughter when they learned that Tan was illegitimate.
Im sorry I only avoided you.
Tan isnt a really tiger because he isnt a legitimate son of Jeguk.HS isnt picking.This was a cute and fun episode overall with lots of interaction between Eun Sang and Tan.Tan doesnt answer the question and hangs.He gta san andreas key to her heart mission threatens to spill the rest of it if ES doesnt sit down.So you should decide what you are going to do- break the engagement or not.ES remembers back when Tan used to walk before.