test drive unlimited 2 update

This initiative and the Physics improvements (HC included) are what TDU2 needs.
Unlock hidden clothing and avatar customizing options, like tattoos * Dial from the Gumpert is hardly readable as it is black on a black background * Change the tire thread direction (they are backwards now) * Create a "portal" to red alert computer game Eden Island * Allow.Unlock vehicles from elite manufacturers such as Gumpert, Koenigsegg, Aston Martin, Audi and more.I don't know what is possible or not.Maybe contact Speeder or Viltsua about it, so you don't need to do the same thing twice.M.O.O.R.: Massively Open Online Racing is back!The usual request from me regarding uncontrolled sliding of the cars (especially 4WD locking brakes and other physics related stuff.Create your custom avatar and build your fortune.
Good luck with the project, pS Things that were in the community patch, like fixing the holes in Cockpits (RGT offset wheels, indicator lights, indicator sound, windshield tinting adjustments, wrong numbers on dials and other minor graphical glitches, will they be included as well?
Additionally, you can head to the Ibiza airport and take a flight to Oahu and experience the Hawaiian island as you never have before: with more than 600km of new asphalt and off-road network added as well as completely new missions and challenges.Race!: Test Drive Unlimited 2 puts the worlds most desirable vehicles in the players hands.Atari and the Atari logo are trademarks owned by Atari Interactive, Inc.Also some cars are ridiculous after the last update.Level up your character based on your style of play, enjoy all co-op and competitive racing modes, and take on other racers that you encounter in our high-speed sandbox.