terraria 1.2 1.2 update

Thats it for now, but therell be more great news from 505 and ourselves very soon Watch this space!
Various improvements and changes to navigating the user interface.
Updated female armor sprites, added messages to help the player progress in hardmode.
Pickaxes will now remove blocks, placeable objects, and items such as Life Crystals and chests.HUD opacity toggle, expanded Xbox Live multiplayer world settings.With the patch, players are encouraged to party, with a host of supplies to get you off on the right foot, including party hats, streamers, balloons, presents and more.In other good news, NPCs will generally avoid falling into cliffs when they stray too far from home.Active blocks will no longer become inactive with a chest on them.Also, as you know or might have guessed a lot of the console-exclusive recolors have been resprited (not everything) including all three armor sets (Titan, Dragon, Spectral the Tizona, Tonbogiri and most of the mobs (Dragon Skull, Arch Wyvern, Arch Demon, Spectral Elemental, Shadow Mummy.Locator maps now track the owner's position, regardless of dimension.
There is now an extended crafting menu that will show everything you can craft.
Equipping items to the social slot in German no longer crashes the game.
Dye slots have been added, you will now start with 10 mana.Mice can no longer be killed by monsters.The starting female cloths have been modified.There are now stalagmites, icecicles, moss, plants, rocks, and other "piles" added to enhance the environment There are several new mini caves that can be found with unique backgrounds Each biome will now have chests and pots with unique graphics The dungeon now has.Mice can no longer spawn in hell.Since that time, the good folks at Engine Software have been burning the midnight oil to bring.2 to PS3 (plus the Vita) and d our console Terrarians have been waiting patiently in eager anticipation of any news.The axe is now only used for chopping down trees and giant mushrooms.