struts interview questions and answers pdf

PreparedStatementCreator is one of the game point blank offline indowebster most commonly used interfaces for writing data to the database.
It is a response with http code 302 and contains the URL of the requested resource.
Post your questions here.Issues in which we are interested defines our concern.After returning advice: Advice that is executed after the normal completion of a joinpoint is called the after returning advice.The Controller delegates requests to an appropriate handler.Controller is responsible for handling all the requests.Following are the benefits of spring framework: Light weight container when compared to j2EE containers Built in Web MVC framework Creates loosely coupled applications Supports aspect oriented programming like logging, transaction and security Configuration done in XML format which is easy to write and understand.
The Struts is model neutral, how you will enable front-end validation based on the xml in validation.
How Struts control data flow?If a bean element is directly embedded in a property tag while wiring beans, then the bean is called Inner Bean.The first method is the setup method which is called during the loading of the bean into the container.54) What are all the ways to access Hibernate by using Spring?3) What is the default scope of bean in Spring framework?Name: eMail: Comment / Feedback.9) What is called Spring MVC?