steven universe episode 11

Lars is shocked when he notices, but when he touches his own hair, nothing happens.
Steven tells everybody that he is back.
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Just let me be somebody who deserved.Steven is happy to be home and after snacking, packs some consumables for Lars while wishing he could inform the others that he is safe.After Steven helped him so much, Lars views this as his redemption for all the times he was rude to him.Cultural References Lars' tree in his and Lion's dimension is a Narra tree, the official tree of the Philippines.Sneak Peek 03:02 Check out this sneak peek of Steven Universe, Vol.After disappearing in " Lion 4: Alternate Ending the star iris out returns.Don't discuss or link to places that stream Steven Universe without supporting Cartoon Network, like torrents.Steven tries to come up with a new idea, but Lars tells the others to leave him and go to Earth, telling passenger 10 stories sons of maria zippy them how beautiful.Shortly after returning, Greg, Connie, Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet warp back to the Beach House, still depressed about Steven's disappearance.
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Features Characters Objects Locations Music Instrumental Songs Trivia This episode has the same title card as the previous episode, " Off Colors which is different than the others shown so far.
Come Chat With Us, join the User Database, old Episode Discussions.The others agree and wish to go there via Lars.Design 01:06 The circular gem on Fluorite's forehead has a circular facet in this episode despite having a triangular facet in the previous episode.While he finds it to be beating a lot slower than a human heart should, he is at least glad that Lars is not a zombie.I Am My Mom 11:33 Steven struggles to fix his mistakes.Fluorite has the idea to block the entrance with a large stone and prevent detection, and Steven helps them carry it out.Lars questions if he is a zombie, since he died before Steven healed him.Steven asks numerous questions about how Lars feels.Pearl stresses out after their plan to go to Homeworld by fixing an unknown Gem drop ship did not work, initially failing to realize Steven is there.Transcript View the episode's transcript here.