speak up an illustrated guide to public speaking pdf

Effective Group Leadership Selecting a Leader Leading Meetings Managing Conflict Effective Group Membership Three Types of Member Roles Tips for Participating game upin ipin jar 240x320 in a Small Group Group Decision Making and the Reflective-Thinking Process Define the Problem Analyze the Problem Establish Criteria for Solutions Generate Possible Solutions.
Types of Presentation Aids Using Technology Wisely Guidelines for Developing Presentation Aids Using Presentation Aids during Your Speech Chapter Review part 5: types OF public speaking 15 informative speaking Techniques for Informing Subjects of Informative Speeches Developing Your Informative Speech Clarifying and Simplifying Your Message.Product Details, iSBN-13:, publisher: Bedford/St.Emphasis on Critical Thinking, a Focus on Free and Ethical Communication.A speech text thats absorbing, interactiveand affordable.Analyze Your Audience, select Your Topic, determine Your Speechs Rhetorical Purpose.Selecting Your Main Points Consider Your Purpose Take Your Audience into Account Select an Appropriate Number of Main Points Organizing Your Supporting Materials Subordination and Coordination Video Activity.1: Overholser, What is Good Journalism?Public Speaking: A Great Tradition, public Speaking: A Dynamic Discipline, chapter Review.Developing a Set of Potential Topics Research Brainstorming Word Association Mind Mapping Selecting the Best Topic Consider the Assignment Consider Your Audience Consider Your Own Knowledge and Interests Video Activity.1: Moise, Humanity 4 Haitian Development Consider the Speech Context Choose a Topic and Stick.
Table of Contents, preface, pART 1: THE basics OF public speaking 1 introducing public speaking.The Importance of Language and Word Choice Differences between Oral and Written Language Denotative and Connotative Meaning Denotative Meaning Connotative Meaning Presenting Your Message Clearly Understandable Language Concrete Words Proper Use of Words Concise Language Expressing Your Ideas Effectively Repetition Hypothetical Examples Personal Anecdotes Vivid.Codes of Ethics: Absolute, Situational, and Culturally Relative Legal Speech, Ethical Speech Communicating Truthfully Lying Half-Truths False Inference Acknowledging the Work of Others Video Activity.1: Citing Sources (Statistics and Testimony)"ng from rizzoli and isles season 4 episode 6 a Source Video Activity.2: Citing Someone Elses Idea Paraphrasing the Work.Building Audience Interest Enhancing Audience Understanding Strengthening Audience Memory Winning Audience Agreement Evoking Audience Emotion Types of Supporting Materials Examples Definitions Testimony Video Activity.1: Royzspal, Litter Statistics Video Activity.2: Citing Sources (Statistics and Facts) Narratives Analogies Guidelines for Using Supporting Materials Choose the.Preparing and Delivering Your First Speech.Outline Your Introduction and Conclusion, incorporate Transitions, consider Your Word Choice.Using Public Speaking in Your Career.