silent hunter 3 gwx 3.0 gold

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(Watching you all speculate over the last weeks.A complete list of changes can be found in the 'GWX.0 Changelog.He has also largely removed the unrealistic polygon effect from the waves present in ALL other environmental mods.Minor updates to the Type VII Open Hatch mod.Special thanks to _SW_Cowboy and Privateer: (Scroll to bottom of page) m/?pagesh3-supermods-page1#3, via Torrent: Special Thanks to Jimbuna.Read more about The Grey Wolves.Visual sensors of all non-player units are also affected by the unit's veterancy (i.e.The above is a summary of the changes in GWX3 Gold.
These changes mean that surface attacks are very much a possibility early in the war (pre-radar).Museum text adjustments by 'bigboywooly' for: Brooklyn-class light cruiser, buckley-class destroyer escort, river class frigate.Corrected location of Brunsb├╝ttel and Holtenau by 'bigboywooly'.Other additions and enhancements: Added replacement, georgios Averof armored cruiser by 'vonDos interior views now slant according to the dive angle, based on original work by 'Anvart' and enhanced by 'Vickers03'.What you may not be aware of is that he has effectively removed THE polygon effect from the waves present in ALL other environmental mods for SH3 currently available.Download GWX3 Gold The GWX Team gives special thanks to 'onelifecrisis' OLC for his assistance with the integration and adjustment of his environmental modifications to ensure the correction of the horizon demarcation issue present in GWX and other available 16 kilometer visibility mods prior.GWX3 gold is the result of over 3 years of dedicated work to give fellow Silent Hunter 3 enthusiasts a truly immersive WW2 U-boat simulation.