setup win98 from usb

I can't seem to find a way to boot from the bios.
The target system must be able to boot from a USB drive (Flash or HDD).
Therefore the first internal hard disk will be modified by this process even if you install Win98 to a different hard disk or partition!
At the MS-DOS command prompt, type B: and press the enter key to switch to the B: drive.If you get an error about a temp folder, type the following commands to make Setup use a folder on the B: drive as a temporary folder: mkdir B:temp setup /T:b:temp Use C:Windows as the install folder.Now we are ready to install Windows cricket revolution 2012 pc game 98 to the blank, freshly formatted (FAT32) drive.Fdisk may report 'weird' sizes.This means that these drivers will work with many makes and models of the following: USB Flash Drives (also known as Pen Drives, or Thumb Drives).You must install the appropriate version of the drivers dependent upon your version of Windows.This way all you need to do is plug the drive in, Windows will recognise it and you will automatically see the drive in My Computer.You should now be at the MS-DOS A: prompt.It has available Win95/98/ME drivers for.Any help would be much appreciated!Unofficial English Win98SE Service Pack here.
Version.10.2222 is Windows 98 Second Edition (98SE).
Disclaimer, you should note, that these drivers are generic, and they may not work with some devices.Run fdisk again and choose Option 5 again - check that Drive C: is on the target drive (we don't want to format our USB drive!).We need to format the target system's drive as FAT32.(optional) Windows 98.44Mb floppy.img image file (you will have to obtain this yourself) - only required if the Win98 ISO is not bootable.Oracle Virtual Box ensure you configure it for Windows 98, use a small amount of memory for Display VGA memory and not more than 1GB of system memory (RAM).If you see some error messages as the files are copied to memory, this is usually because the ISO contains files with long filenames - these are not required for the install process and so won't cause a problem.