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Don't rely on comments and feedback here as medical advice.This result should be within the minimum and maximum training heart rate values listed below.Your target heart rate zone gross tax calculator uk (training zone) is the range between 60 and 80 of your maximum heart rate.Description, references 1 heart Rate ".Working within this zone gives you the maximum health and fat-burning benefits from your cardiovascular activity.Training Heart Rate (Karvonen formula).We cannot guarantee the results.
An easy way to do this is count your pulse for 15 seconds and then multiply by 4, or count for 30 seconds and multiply by two.
You should calculate this in the morning, immediately after waking.
To use the calculators, simply enter your age and resting heart rate, then click the Calculate button to see your results.It is simply the number of beats per minute while your body is at rest.Resting Heart Rate FAQ.If you have any concerns about the functioning of your heart, you should consult a doctor who can examine you personally and give their expert opinion.Heart Rate and Fitness Chart which relates fitness and resting heart rate, then if you have more qestions also look at the.Home, contact, about, privacy.