netbackup 6.5 4 client

Scheduled times for all backups, execution time for backups, you should also receive a daily report of DB2 backup activity from NetBackup the administrator can set you.
NetBackup OpsCenter, which comes bundled with the NetBackup.0 distribution and replaces the NetBackup Operations Manager 1 (NOM) component used in previous versions, can manage multiple NetBackup environments.Operational restores let operators or application owners to self-serve their restore needs.Lets assume for the same of the example that your source database is named origindb, its NetBackup policy is named origin_full, source database instance name is DB2inst, and target database name is targetdb.6 Main features edit NetBackup Accelerator Technology to provide faster full backups by eliminating the need to read the entire file system Intelligent Data Deduplication and Auto Image Replication (AIR) 7 Client or server-side deduplication via data deduplication engine that can see into the backup.When you edit the nf file (see below) the policy name must match the policy keyword value for your database, example: database mydb, objecttype database, policy S1mydb_full_staging, schedule Default-Application-Backup. I then click "Select for restore" and after 10 seconds or so, I get the message "error: cd cuiabano lima barretos 2012 pipe close failed".Is NetBackup Agent Installed on your Database Server?The servers are: Master Server, media Server (physically connected to a Dell ML6000 library).Backup and Restore Syntax Modifications to the DB2 backup and restore commands to support NetBackup are very simple.
I have logging turned on but I cannot paste the info here I'm afraid.
Bprestore can be used to save a database image from tape to disk without actually fully restoring a database.
In conclusion, though NetBackup is supposed to recognize non-zero return codes returned by the DB2 backup command, it doesnt seem to work well in practice.Remember that if you are using the vendor log archival method, you cannot use bprestore to access individual logs.How to check client version level: cat NetBackup-Solaris9.0MP4 Is the NetBackup Listener Active?The only time these values should be changed by the DBA (or by the system administrator at the DBAs behest) is during a redirected restore (see below).I wrote this because you dont need to know that much to get NetBackup working for DB2, and the Symantec docs are very unclear and not well written.Make sure client version matches NetBackup server.In the above example the clause for objecttype archive is only required if the database uses log archive.