nba 2k13 dunk contest pc patch

You can pick their man over and over and over again, all the while getting boosts.
The CPU in particular still makes interceptions too easily, being too quick to the ball and making eyes in the back of their head steals.(7) Other places to go for tips - I do not hold a monopoly on knowledge related to My Player Mode, in fact, I probably have very little knowledge in general.Pass to that player, and they should shoot, since they will be wide open.This should be greatly toned down and player awareness abilities should play a greater role in being able to play the passing lanes.Fixed Play-call messages not appearing when calling a play in the Jordan Rec Center.I may photoshop cs5 me portable startimes have been digging into this already.Set Screen for Score.To get offensive rebounds, you actually do pretty much the same thing that you did for defensive rebounds.Basically, what NBA 2K does with their Player Cards.Updated the referee uniforms to match the look for the 2014-15 NBA season.
The best way to draw fouls is to get into a post-up animation, back-down, then do a step-through, then, attempt the lay-up with the defender to your back-side, which should draw contact, more often than not.
Of course, this is not the best method for drawing fouls though, given the chance pdf reader software for windows of losing the ball, getting blocked, etc.Try to set as many picks as you can per offensive possession.Corrected an issue where the Myplayer was sometimes not the offensive player in the post scoring drill.Prevented off-ball defenders from going into a shot contest if an on-ball teammate is already in one.Hold the button down, until they start running toward you.At this point, be ready to jump in front of the pass, for the steal.Max shot inside (great for scoring inside) If you want to be a defensive small guy, then work on steals, strength, and on ball defense.Pick-n-roll - these opportunities usually only appear once you get a little faster, but you can get scoring opportunity off rolling to the basket at the right time.Include the turbo button.Fixed 3PT line recognition for jump shooters to prevent them from stepping over the line when attempting 3PT shots.