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Played with unintentionally.
At the end of the Chaos Stronghold mission in Dark Crusade, Eliphas was the despicable guy book 2 jar killed by a demon prince.
On Days of Our Lives, Mad Scientist.
From a novelization of Metroid: Fusion : Samus: You're not pissed off because I waxed Kraid?May double as Deus ex Machina or Diabolus ex Machina, and sometimes a definite Ass Pull.But a couple of chapters later "Voldemort had him bondage" like nothing ever happened.Despite having an enormous gravity cannon blow up in his face (taking about half of the city's tallest building with it the title character of Darkwing Duck survived.The only exception, so far, are Bec and Jadesprite who're both merged with the current Jade.Tycho and Gabe of Penny Arcade have each died numerous times and come back without any explanation at all.In Christian Humber Reloaded, the main character, Vash, tears out Soku's throat in revenge for turning him in to the police.Become unreadable due to media faults.Fairy Tail : Jellal was hit through god knows how many stories of a tower by a superpowered Natsu and exposed to dangerous levels of Etherion magic (the most powerful type of magic in the world).
The character was shot twice and left for dead, face down, in the ocean, where the boat the character was shown to be seemingly fine on had to be at least five minutes away.
He goes to the hospital and is sent home the same day (in real life he'd probably have to stay for at least one night's observation) with "Paaaaaaaiiiiiiiiin killers!" and a cast.Cole: A pretty Templar.The explanations he gave for his survival got increasingly ridiculous as the series went.However, he's shown to be perfectly sylvia day wyznanie crossa pdf okay when he reappears at the end of the next episode.Even before Sylar got the healing power, he was pronounced dead when he was in Company custody, then just sorta randomly came back to life.Miguelito Lovless from The Wild Wild West, had at least two episodes ending where he appeared to have died, only to pop up again, no worse for the wear, never really explaining how he did.Kirby does this even more confusingly, given he eats his foes.Yet he would always show up again no worse for wear.The next cutscene shows him standing by the destroyed train without a scratch on him.