local area network setup xp

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The workgroup of each needs to be the same also-like home, for instance.
WikiHow Contributor, set it as the same as your original IP address (in this example, ).If, during the original setup, you selected the Start this connection automatically option, the network connection will be made, using the values entered during the set up, when you bring your computer into the range of existing wireless network.This will allow up to 50 machines to be set up on your network without having to change anything.Set the "IP pool starting address" to the address you want the first computer to use dhcp to have.You should use a "Private IP Range otherwise you may well have problems related to traffic to and from your network being routed incorrectly.(if in doubt, 50 is a nice number) 9, leave the "Boot File" field blank 10, if you have a DNS server on your network, or one accessible to the machines on your network, enter it's IP address in the "wins/DNS Server" box.This will force your system to act as the default route for any clients connecting.If you don't know how to specify an IP address for your computer that runs the dhcp server, use on of the links here: XP m To have your machine ask for an IP address by dhcp, run "ipconfig /release" then amazing alex game for pc "ipconfig /renew" for Windows.
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6, select the dhcp tab in the Settings window.
After you have setup a connection to your home network, or a public wifi network, you can reconnect to that network at a later time.The only difference is the location of the network adapter and Workgroup.Just do a quick search in both OSs in the help menu and it will help you navigate to them.You'll need to manually type in that address and subnet.You'll need to configure the network cards and workgroup for each.Steps 1, decide what range of IP addresses you would like to use.Right click on your network card, then choose Properties.Improper addressing can cause you, and possibly others, a BIG headache.