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When the performance ends however, the group horrifically realize their failure of assigning someone to kill the youmuat which point it explodes and covers the entire roof in a torrent of yellow liquid.
Just then, as Miroku manages to steal the Hollow Shadow's stone from the Nase vault, Mirai tracks Akihito's youmu form to a deserted part of the forest under the silver rainclouds and engages him in a furious battle, eventually injuring him fatally.Archived from the original war horse theatre monkey on June 22, 2014.Characters edit, main edit, akihito Kanbara (, Kanbara Akihito ).Mirai then removes her ring, amplifying her powers further and splashes acidic blood on the youmu.Retrieved August 16, 2013.She usually uses the phrase, "How unpleasant" "Fuyukai desu" ) to describe most situations, particularly at remarks made by Akihito.Finding her guilty, Ai sentences Shizuku to cosplay as a sixteen-year-old high school girl.
A b " Beyond the Boundary Blu-ray/DVD to Include Episode 0".Official English title a Original Japanese title Episode director Animation director Original air date b Refs.Archived from the original on October 15, 2013.Meanwhile, Miroku deduces that the weakened Beyond the Boundary simply retreated into another dimension to battle Mirai whilst simultaneously absorbing the supernatural energy from the real world.11 "Black World" "Kuro no Sekai" Ichirou Miyoshi Nao Nait December 11, 2013 28 Following his three month coma, Akihito learns from Hiroomi and Mitsuki that his separation from the Beyond the Boundary apparently cost Mirai her life and robbed him of his immortality.Elsewhere, Shizuku, Sakura, Hiroomi, Mitsuki and Izumi confront Miroku, however he seals himself and Izumi inside a barrier to prevent outside interference.A two-part anime film project premiered in March and April 2015.Informasikan juga bila ingin berbaik hati menyumbangkan Link Mirror.