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In 2008, after using egg shells in another varnish experiment, Wataru tries to hold a mini-concert facets of indian culture pdf and play his violin to his neighbors so he can stop being a recluse.
Mio takes her to safety while Taiga and Wataru fight off the Fangires resurrected by the Mantis Fangire.
Later, Otoya visits Yuri while she is looking for Buruman, asking her to teach him how to make an omrice and expressing his gratitude in having met her.But by taking advantage of the Fangire's obsession with her, Megumi lowers Ryo's guard down so she can knock the Ixa Knuckle back to Nago.Otoya found her and gave her a shoulder to cry on, much to Jiro's dismay.However, after the Fangire is forced into human form, Nago ends up being arrested by the police again with Sakaguchi's smirk the final straw, as Nago goes insane to the point of attacking the police to bust Sakaguchi out just windows 7 automated activation crack to finally get a button.A few days later, as Taiga returns to D P to begin a new venture to find an alternate means for the Fangire race to survive, Wataru attends Megumi's wedding to Nago.He was Kamen Rider Proto-ixa, and Later Kamen Rider Dark Kiva.It was initially revealed to be the second ending theme when a posting on the Avex blog for Kiva mentioned that an ending theme song for Kamen Rider Ixa was to be arranged by Naruse with lyrics by Fujibayashi, 19 initially called "Individual System.".
While Megumi is relieved that one of her mother's unfinished affairs has been resolved, Nago oversees Kiva shattering the Warthog Fangire as Mio arrives to witness it before she assumes her true form to kill Kiva, the Pearlshell Fangire.
However, it turns out that Miyake is actually the Rhinoceros Fangire who enjoys feeding on young humans who are working towards their dreams.
Kengo Eritate : Wataru's first best friend in his current year.Ramon and Riki arrive, but the three (Arms Monsters, Otoya, and Yuri) are not a match for Rook.Wataru also almost feel the same when learning the truth about himself and Taiga but after many clashes they have through, they become a real close family.Arriving to Mio's aid as Saga is distracted, Wataru assumes Kiva's Emperor Form to shatter the numerous Rat Fangires with the Zanvat Sword.Jiro : Wataru has no true close relationship of Jiro except the fact that Jiro is the most loyal bodyguard of Monster Arms among the two (Ramon and Riki once thinking about eating him).When Jiro arrives, Otoya demands the Ixa system back from him, with the two deciding to settle the Ixa matter once and for all in a game of pool with Mami as their witness.Rider weight :.The next day, as he and Mio discuss this, Taiga takes them to meet Maya as Wataru recognizes her.In the end, Wataru, with his son as Kiva, Rising Ixa, Dark Kiva, and the Arms Monsters at his side, transforms into Emperor Form and confronts this new evil.Archived from the original on February 11, 2008.