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Take jpeg snap shots of your 8mm and Super 8 Reels.
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Unit in meters, metric Unit System millimeter.001 centmeter.01 decimeter dcm.1 meter m 1 kilometer km 1000 Imperial and US Unit System inch.0254 foot.3048 yard.9144 mile mi 1609.3.93696 Nautical Units cable 185.2 nautical mile.How much fluid mixture is required?Minor Divisions of 1/10" water column (or 2mm water column on metric units) are silkscreened in jet black on stark white scale for positive definition.Html Options, enable JavaScript, enable Plugins(Flash use print media-type.Fundamental unit of length in the.You can easily convert inch to mm; kilometers and meters to inches, yards, miles; feet to centimeters; kilometers to miles and miles to kilometers.Converter will translate the value into other systems automatically as you type.Related Question Since water will not mix with oil, why can't a D-style manometer be used to measure water pressures?Series 1222 - MM of Gage Fluid.
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Easily connects to any Windows PC or MAC, to offload images or view on TV (TV Cable not included).
All models are furnished with one 3/4 ounce bottle ringtone cutter for windows 7 full version of fluorescein green color concentrate with special wetting agent for W/M models, or 3/4 ounce bottle of red gage fluid for "D" units.Remove a tubing connector from the manometer and pour the mixture in to mid-point level.Ideal wherever a portable, direct reading manometer is needed.Series 1221 - Inches of Gage Fluid.Nautical League, parsec, kilometer.You can choose from numerous models and features including over-pressure safety traps, in full scale ranges from 8" to 36" of water or mercury.