gta san andreas key to her heart mission

The tailing portion is over; your job now is to make sure her usual gimp doesn't make it inside - you want to take his place.
Your job is to tail her.
Carl has full spectrum laser mle-40 just returned from the, las Venturas City Planning Department with the blueprints of Caligula's Palace, which he and.Quickly get one and hit her trail before it gets cold!The player may now also take out Millie Perkins for dates.Eventually she will hang a right into a residential area, then a left.Mission objectives In order to complete the mission the player must: Get to Caligula's Palace casino The Croupier has a keycard and knows the code, follow her She's gone into the sex shop, follow her inside The Croupier is in here somewhere, find her.If the player kills Benny and goes to Millie's house, the mission will end as normal, but the duplicate Club will vanish.
Also, the Gimp Suit will be delivered to Carl's wardrobe.
Be careful of lights along this little stretch - there's lots.The Croupier will leave the casino, enter her car, and drive off.Chances are whatever vehicle you parked outside is gone - there should be a car nearby to jack.The only problem is, getting a card to read - and that's where this mission will begin.Damn, man - now he's seen the plans!Tail her in the "sweet spot" - not so close that she spooks, but not so far away that you lose sight of her - either of those cases will cause you to fail the mission.However, if Millie manages to kill the NPC before they do, Millie will stand in place and not drive to her house, pausing the Spook-O-Meter.Millie's house in Prickle Pine.Be very wary here - there is a bump up ahead on the train tracks, there's a red light ahead, and you'll probably slam into the Croupier, completely spooking her and failing the mission.Wu Zi Mu : Well, then we've got our first recruit.