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While Military contracts were awarded to defense contractors to maintain the Cold War with Russia, US industrial plants began to decay.
With military spending being the largest single item in the federal budget for fiscal 2010 and calls from Obama for a record 708 Billion to fund his wars, defense contractors get their marching orders from Jewish investment analysts who dictate contractors business policies from their.
Nov 6 2:02, nov.The huge investment bank, State Street Corporation, is the major stockholder of henry book medical technology these 3 top US defense contractors.A greater amount of power over the military industries has been concentrated into fewer hands - (it only takes 10 ownership of stock to control a widely-held corporation) - and these hands are those of huge Jewish investment blocs.By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2010.In other words, no General of Americas armed forces, (and thus the entire US military makes a decision apart from the Jews on Wall Street who control his ability to wage war with the deadly armaments they provide.American labels on foreign goods were just American acoustica cd dvd label maker serial 3.33 wrappers on Asian products.Turning their investments to consumer production and commercial markets abroad, Wall Street Jews began concentrating their finances on military production at home.
We have learned that partnerships can act as a force multiplier.
The passing years have created the need for a nato of greater reach.Albright, (of Czech Jewish origin and who ordered natos bombing of Serbian civilians in 1999 said at the opening session, Partnerships are central to natos future.Truman signed the Paper as a basic US policy doctrine on September 30, 1950.In the Board of Directors of SSC, one can find the names of Robert S Kaplan (Former Senior Director of Goldman Sachs Robert Weissman; and Peter Coym (Former Chairman of Lehman Brothers.) State Street Bank owns.99 of Lockheed Martin stock,.09 of Boeing stock.Nov 6 0:38, nov.In the September/October issue of Foreign Affairs, published by the Council on Foreign Relations, Zionist Jew James Goldgeier, wrote an article called Global nato which called for Israels membership in nato: With little fanfare and even less notice nato has gone global.