fonts provided by application ios

Now, in your code, you can simply call your custom font like this: UIFont fontWithName MyFont" size:50.0; UIFont fontWithName MyFont" size:50.0; warning : The dolby ac3 2000 codec cnet parameter of fontWithName must be the real name of the font, not the name of the file.
In the below image, You can see custom fonts added to iPhone Application.
If you open your ttf file with the Mac Font Book, you will directly see its name on top of the window.UIAppFonts, the array and each of the two font entries: To access the fonts within an application, call the method fontWithName in the, uIFont class, include the font size as well: The output of the above looks as follows in the simulator: To get.Every version of iOS comes with a list of common fonts (e.g.Add an entry for each font: The property list below is the text version of the plist file, here you can see the key.Method to set custom font for all the elements in UIViewController.You can see in the below code, to set custom font.Follow the steps to add robinson crusoe literary criticism custom fonts to iPhone Application.A nice place where to find lots of custom fonts.You can use the below code, to set Custom Font for all the elements in a View Controller.Save your ist file.
Url(forResource: fontFile, withExtension: nil let fontData NSData(contentsOf: url let fontDataProvider CGDataProvider(data: fontData) let loadedFont CGFont(fontDataProvider) if let fullName loadedFont.Setting Custom font to UILabel, UIButton,UITextField.The solution for that is to add your fonts to your app, so you will have a unique app design.(void) setCustomFont UIView view withFont UIFont font /go through all subviews for(UIView * subView in bviews) if(subView isKindOfClass:UILabel class) UILabel * label (UILabel subView; nt font; else if(subView isKindOfClass:UITextField class) UITextField * textField (UITextField subView; nt font; else if(subView isKindOfClass:UIButton class) UIButton * button (UIButton.The following code reads the list of custom font files from the ist, and extracts the full font name from the font file.You can get the full list of available fonts with.