flyer design inspiration 2014

These flyers, created by, studio Orfeo Lanz for the Ceramics department at the Bern School of Design, are the gift that keeps on giving.
He never knows which design is going to be accepted, appreciated, approved, rejected and on which one he is to work a little harder and almost like redoing it farther.
Csus Spring Show The threading of icons in the design cleverly demonstrates the artistic side and connectivity between departments To promote its student show back in Spring 2011, California State University, Sacramento commissioned designer Christine Jackson to create these promotional flyers.Geo Laws brilliant illustration of people interacting with cool little characters captures the feeling of a bygone age in a new world aesthetic.Behind every work he does, there lies an inspiration without which he cannot glare strongly onto his ideas in the brain, obviously this is a chain process, one idea leads to another, another idea initiates another, so in order to shortlist one of his ideas.Glei from Behance created this fold-out flyer/poster.Another brilliant digital design from Ed Price.The promotional material therefore had to represent each separate department in a way that tied them together to make it clear it was a single show.Design to Explain created a brand identity design including business card, letterhead, envelope, postcard, CD cover, shopping bag, iPad and iPhone wallpapers, as well as this lovely flyer design that is used in local marketing to announce their opening.To promote the workshops, which pair two janbaaz sindbad episode 3 completely unrelated topics together, the flyer features a beautiful illustration of disjointed imagery.Brochure Design for MOB salons source.We love the experimental lay-out and the careful selection of colours.As Ive said before on this blog, putting your work on postcards is a really effective way of promoting yourself especially if your work is this good!
For a company/organization, its brochure design takes half of the responsibility on itself.
Below are 30 of awesome brochure design that can hopefully act as inspiration for your design ideas.The threading of various icons in the design cleverly demonstrates both the artistic side and connectivity of the graphic and interior design and photography departments.Disco Fever exquisite photoshop and digital work by Juan Juncosa."Thus, the piece folds out to create an active experience of learning about the book; then, when it's fully unfolded, the piece works as a motivational" poster that you can tack up over your desk.".This tiger design is really eyecatching the minimal colors and subtle effects are stunning.Brochure Design for Interior Company source.A super cool illustration design from Alberto Russo.