excel mac 2011 essential training

This course is designed for people brand new to Word on the Mac, but if you're already a user, you'll find lots here to get you up to speed in this new version.
(whooshing wind) - Hi, I'm Maria Langer.Add pictures or clip art to a worksheet by using the Media Browser.Double-click the.zip archive to unzip and view the individual videos and tutorials in the archive.Change the appearance of b l theraja pdf cells based on certain criteria, for example, all cell values in the top 10 of a range.Create a chart, learn the basics of charts, including the elements of a chart, which chart is appropriate for your data, and how to apply chart layouts and styles.Reviewing and Sharing Your Spreadsheets Checking spelling 3m 32s Setting AutoCorrect and automatic Replace options 3m 59s Managing workbook comments3m 40s Tracking and reviewing changes5m 12s Printing a worksheet or workbook 3m 44s Setting and removing print areas2m 31s Exporting to other formats 1m 33s.
Change the width of columns so that you can see all the data in cells.
Welcome1m 12s, using the exercise files41s.
Working with Objects.Summarizing Data Using Formulas and Functions Introducing Excel formulas and functions3m 17s Adding a formula to a cell3m 59s Introducing arithmetic operators4m 13s Using absolute and relative cell references 6m 29s Controlling how Excel copies and pastes formulas6m 5s Referring to Excel table data.Learn the difference between relative and absolute cell references and how to switch between them.Preview Course, excel for Mac 2016: Charts in Depth 4h 22m 28,055 Views, unlimited Access.Watch this short overview on how to use Pivot Tables to quickly summarize and analyze large amounts of data.Download courses and learn on the.