esxi 5.1 patch 7

Workaround : Use a vmxnet3 or e1000 virtual NIC for virtual machines running Linux kernel version.3 and later.
Applying host profile fails when applying a host profile extracted from an ESXi.1 host on an ESXi.1 host If you set up a host with ESXi.1, extract a host profile from this host (with vCenter Server and attempt to attach a profile.This issue is resolved in this release The ESXi host profile reports a compliance failure with Option Annotaitons.All patches have been named by their release names.Rhel and CentOS ramdisk issue, ramdisk: incomplete write (31522!Hardware Compatibility for ESXi, to determine which processors, storage devices, SAN arrays, and I/O devices are compatible with vSphere.1 Update 2, use the ESXi.1 Update 2 information in the, vMware Compatibility Guide.During target resets, lsilogic of a virtual machine waits for commands from all targets When the lsilogic virtual adapter performs a target reset, it waits for commands in flight for all targets on the adapter.Workaround : Restart the Auto Deploy server service.Earlier the host failed to retrieve the required information.
The error is a result of the ATS (vaai) portion of the Symmetrix Enginuity Microcode (vmax 5875.x) preventing a new datastore on a previously unwritten LUN.
VMware Tools svga driver might cause Windows 8 virtual machines to stop responding After you install VMware Tools, Windows 8 virtual machines might stop responding when the guest operating system is restarted.
You must remember when debugging to check the state by examining /etc/vmware/nf.If the Linux kernel version is above.6.23, the MAC address returned contains all zeros.Scripted upgrades also provide an efficient way to deploy multiple hosts.Some advanced physical switches check L3 information and drop invalid packets.When vmci vsock are upstreamed, VMware Tools installer will not replace them any more If you run /etc/vmware-tools/ restart command to check services when vmci and vsock are upstreamed and VMware Tools are installed, the status of vmci might be displayed as failed.The latest ESXi.1.0 Build number is now: 2583090.