enough of no love keyshia cole lil wayne

Verse 1 Keyshia Cole, i admit that you almost had.
In sickness and in health for rich poor and I stay rich.
What we had is now hers.
Artist: Keyshia Cole (Feat Lil Wayne album: Woman To Woman, year: 2012.And I'm riding with a girl name Keisha smoking on Kesha.I-I can't stay here, cause I've had enough.That other bxxch is just that other bxxch.But it's cool I'ma be a lady.She think she cute but she dont phase.Youre trying to tell me that you love.You wouldnt of played me, chorus Keyshia Cole, cant say Im not hurt.Cause that other hoe aint worried bout another hoe Yeah, you said its over but you still fussin You just clumsy, always trippin over nothing That other bitch is just that other bitch I give her space and give you the mother-ship We cant let.
But love is a bxxch and bxxches ain't shit.
Cause here we are again, cause youre wrong again.Hey, young Mula Baby, ya Ready?Let her know she can have it!Cause I-I-I-I-I cant stay here, if there-there-there-there-theres no love, yeah I-I-I-I-I cant stay here.Can't say I'm not hurt, i'll be damned if I'm broken.Quit tryin' to tell me that you love.Intro Keyshia Cole (Lil Wayne ayy (Young Mula baby) (Yeah yall ready?Cause your bensky materia medica pdf actions say another thing.Let her know she can have.Lil Wayne: Don't cha?