does fallout new vegas pc support 360 controller

Additionally, the gun seems to disappear altogether from view, even when holstered and redrawn.
(Seems to only be radio stations with an announcer, Mojave Music Radio appears to randomize correctly) xbox360 A noticeable distortion is present.
In the main office, after handing over your Weapons, Clothes and Ammo.
Regardless, keep pressing A and they'll alternate.Xbox360 pc ps3 Before initiating the quest For Auld Lang Syne after Arcade Gannon may lose the conversation option to invite to party causing his quest to become unobtainable.Ol' Buddy Ol' Pal (10) Recruit any companion.Pc ps3 xbox360 Upon winning, the player receives the amount of caps in the pot added to their cap total, though the in game message only reports adding half the pot.They happen under the same set of circumstances often).Changing sex still english book oxford practice grammar with answers unconfirmed.Ps3 xbox360 pc At repconn Headquarters, it is possible despite gaining an Executive Level pass from hacking Isley's computer, that the robots jitbit macro recorder crack 2013 in attendance upstairs will not acknowledge the pass and the alarm will be sounded after 30 seconds.The blurring is absolute and total, not fading in and out of focus in cycles like when you have a crippled head.
Ps3 pc xbox360 When hostile NPC's are Sneak-killed (Feral ghouls, Vipers etc.) you are given Good Karma but when they are killed without sneaking there is no karma gained or lost.
Wait a sec or two after the last click before continuing your transaction, or it will freeze your ps3.The mod that was made for the marksman carbine was cut from the game.The cause of this slowdown is due to third party graphic software.This causes vendors' inventories not to reset unless three game days pass without exiting the game entirely.Crashes in vats are somewhat common.Xbox360 At the bottom of Vault 3, there is a door that is too low for ED-E to go through.Yes KeyboardMouse is superior, but I don't want my face planted on my monitor so I can play this game and my actual TV has a VGA input so I can play the PC version of FNV.Xbox360 Radio New Vegas has dramatically different levels between the announcer and the music being played ps3 xbox360 If you are using the Gatling laser and you switch weapons, the Gatling backpack may sometimes glitch onto your back.Purchasing all weapons did not solve this problem, as the modded weapon would not be transferred, though caps were lost xbox360 If the user abuses the infinite caps glitch with a vendor, the item the player is buying may duplicate in their, or the vendor's.