boot manager windows 7 xp

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After Installing Windows 7 christmas word search with answer key Once Windows 7 is installed and the system reboots, youll be presented with a boot menu with two options; Windows 7 and Earlier Version of Windows.Basically you continue through as if you were doing a clean install on any hard drive.You can however, do it the other way around and put XP into the Windows 7 boot menu, which is what you have to do for both your operating systems to run alongside each other, and is what were going to guide you through.EasyBCD.0 Beta (Forum Registration Required).This will erase any data or OS currently installed on the hard drive.The Windows Boot Manager is a program which runs before Windows, and lets you choose which operating system to boot into.Its merely a description and you can leave it at that if you wish, but if you want to change the name An Earlier Version of Windows to Windows XP or something better, follow the instructions below.Setting up your machine to dual boot two operating systems can be even more frustrating.Run EasyBCD and click on the BCD Deployment button down the left.Creating an XP Partition when Windows 7 is Already Installed.Once you are in the final step of installation, continue to follow the onscreen instructions until you are asked to connect to the Internet.
Create Boot Loader, once installation of XP is successful you can now go through and install the latest Microsoft Updates and drivers.While it is possible to install in either order, installing Windows XP before Windows 7 is advisable.Windows XP will restart once more and begin the final step.Microsoft.NET Framework.0 Service Pack 2 as a standalone package.Create Some Space for Windows.Click the region and language options which apply to you.