backup camera installation manual

When 12 volts is applied to this wire the monitor automatically turns on and selects the back up camera input.
This game commandos 4 strike force demo connection is made to the positive side of the reverse light.Then route the wire down the driver-side A-pillar, where you can hide it behind the trim and run it into the dash.Imagine this red wire is a single wire tapped the entire length of the RCA cable and can be used to send the reverse trigger signal to the front of the vehicle.The transmitter is powered by splicing into the wiring for the backup light 2, which is electrified only when the car is shifted into reverse.Tuck the power cord that plugs into the top of the mirror into the front of the headliner.If there are "clear" plus and minus, don't hesitate and connect the power there.
Identification of an OEM/aftermarket camera.
It depends on a car.
Such approach provides a warmed matrix and a perfect image, particularly in the night time.Camera Power Harness (A4 The camera should include a male DC power connector to bare power leads.As we promised in the previous article about the types of a reverse camera connection (using a video interface, adapter, specially designed cable or directly we offer you some pieces of advice and sometimes even requirements for a camera power connection in a car.With video sense systems, anytime there is power to the camera the montitor will be turn on automatically.Makes sure to button up and tape all connections and you should be all set.This particular guide is designated for backup camera systems with trigger wires.We chose the latter and tied into the fuse box with a splice to the radio circuit, which comes on with the ignition.This formula 1 2013 setups is a bit strange when you drive through pockets of interference.