backburner 2014 user guide

There are sever options to set up here esxi 5.1 patch 7 but most important is the Submit Job as 64 bit.
Backburner Manager Installation and setup on a server.
In this tutorial Im using 3DS Max design which you can download from Autodesk if you dont have the media.Do this for all render nodes.3ds MAX Mappings: In the Materials editor make sure that all materials that are being used are in the shared directories otherwise renderings will fail because they wont be able to find the correct maps. .Network Folders: You need to setup a common area so all Backburner servers can load the map textures from. .If you want to change the settings for the backburner Manager then go to the Edit drop down menu and select General Settings.By dividing up the image or animation you can considerably cut down the overall time it takes to render. .Render Nodes: A Render node is a PC that runs (Backburner server) a network version of 3ds Max, and actually renders a job. .
With Backburner Server running, its now time to configure.This is the model that Autodesk recommends in the.Just as a single high resolution still image may require pixels and take a single PC 8 hours or more to render. .Once you have the Backburner Server fields filled out, select ok and it will connect to the server running Backburner Manager.There will be 2 main folders the first will be named.