asa 5505 running activation key

The roles remain reversed, and the new active unit continues the role as the new license server.
Here's a summary of the steps.
AnyConnect for Mobile: Disabled, anyConnect for Linksys phone: Disabled, advanced Endpoint Assessment: Disabled.All VPN features should not require a reboot.After failover, the active and standby ASA reverses rolesthe standby ASA becomes the active ASA and assumes the role of shared license server.The above output shows that the activation key saved in flash memory is Restricted while the new one weve just supplied is Unrestricted.Once issued, they can never be revoked or transferred.Flash activation key: Restricted(R) new activation key: Unrestricted(UR proceed with update flash activation key?UC Proxy Sessions: 2, this platform has a Base license.When you see this, the ASA is telling you that you need to perform a reload for the new features to take effect.For example.Required dram for.3: Unlimited Hosts License : 512 MB; Security Plus Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software version.2(3) for the ASA 5505, 5510, 5520, 5540, and 5550.
Ciscoasa(config end ciscoasa# reload, proceed with reload?
Flash activation key: Restricted(R) new activation key: Unrestricted(UR).You can check your license info under the "show version" and "show activation-key".VPN Peers : 10, webVPN Peers : 2, dual ISPs : Disabled.Ciscoasa(config the ASA tells us that the activation key stored in flash was updated (and will take effect upon the next reload but the running activation key was not changed.License key is correct, but not take effect: If you see the correct activation-key under the "show activation-key please try to reboot the device.If you are using G-Suite to host your mailboxes, it is recommended you follow these steps to to ensure that your organizations instance of Cloud Email Security is not throttled x3 codec for imesh or blocked by Google.The ASA is back up and running and you can start using the additional features that your new license provides!The standby ASA continues in the active role after failover.Confirm, once the ASA has reloaded, we can log back in and verify that our new license and new features are active: ciscoasa# show activation-key, serial htri xchanger suite 6.0 crack Number: JMX1316M41H Running Activation Key: 0x x4a497a37 0xa09392c0 0xb7090030 0x053bcbc8 Licensed features for this platform: Maximum Physical Interfaces.